Narative 23rd September (English)

The climate crisis is raging. It is impossible to continue ignoring it while its impacts are devastating on a global level. The Rhein is dried out, Portugal experiences thousand heat-related deaths, whereas several thousand people die from the disastrous floods in Pakistan. And yet, politicians continue to refuse taking concrete and effective measures!

For us as Fridays For Future and as a climate-justice movement, this is intolerable so that once again we call for the global climate strike on the 23rd September.

Globally, millions of activists will take on the streets true to the motto #PeopleNotProfit to stand up for a future worth living. Among these global protests, there will also be a strike in Berlin, at 12:00pm in Invalidenpark.

We demand climate justice to be put before the interest of corporations. The living situation of those already being affected by the climate crisis shall form the base of climate-political decisions. In solidarity with the most affected regions, we push for a debt relief of the global south, predominantly addressing the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group. This should not be done as an act of charity but should reflect a process of transformative justice in which political power is handed back to the people.

Also in Germany, the politicians choose to represent corporations instead of people. The gas levy once again demasks how costs get collectivized while profits get privatized. Instead, a socially fair Basic-Energy supply is required. Access to affordable Energy is a human right, which must be ensured by the government.

For fair financing we demand an excess profit tax for those companies who without lifting a finger made massive additional profits because of the war in the Ukraine.  

The only climate-friendly measure being taken by the German government, the public transport 9€ ticket is now to be replaced by unworthy alternatives. In times of inflation, this retrograde step essentially withholds many people access to mobility.

And again, a decision is made against those affected by poverty while deciding favorably for the richest.

The government must spend money on genuine and just crisis management and prevention. It is possible to get out of the crisis elevating spiral. However, this is deemed impossible if the debt limit is retained, while an excess profit tax and the abolition of all fossil fuel subsidies are casted out.

We are therefore calling for the establishment of a 100-billion-euro special fund for climate and security. 100 billion for an immediate and fair energy transition, the expansion of public transport as well as the introduction of a €0 ticket. Next to that, a part of this money is to go to countries in the Global South as climate finance.

Instead of letting ourselves be paralyzed by the crises, we want to build a system and a society together in which we live #PeopleNotProfit. We are many, we will be loud and will not give in.

Let’s take to the streets together on September 23, 2022 to stand up for system change and a climate-friendly world!

Are you in?